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rgonomic, lightweight,
easy-to-use, portable, 
-degree  base:



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Pair your laptop
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Keeps your laptop COOL and opens up its use!

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Palm Beach, Florida -
Finally a great tool for easy view-sharing of information on your laptop computer for all of your business and sales presentations or at-home photos and internet use. Laptop Suzi™ is a 360 degree easy swivel base that simply sits under your laptop for great and effective:

  • Sales presentations – showroom mobility
  • Conferences and meetings – effective presentations
  • Real estate sales – view-share™ listings and increase sales
  • Insurance sales – view-share™ information
  • Ergonomic – no more glare or strained neck
  • At-office use – great to use at all times
  • On-the-road traveling – works with any sitting accommodation
  • At-home use – view-share™ photos or games
  • Searching the web – view-share™ surfing the web
  • And much more!

Once you go Laptop Suzi, you can't go without!™

Laptop Suzi™ opens a whole new laptop dimension while making your laptop position more ergonomic. No more glare or strained neck preventing you and your clients from focusing on the issue at hand. It was designed to remain under your laptop at all times in the office or at home, if so desired,  because its specially-designed, non-skid bumpers elevate the laptop to keep it cool. It's lightweight and easily tucks into your laptop bag to take to your next meeting or view-sharing.

Get more use out of your laptop! A MUST for sales presentations, in the office and at-home use!

Laptop Suzi™ is easy to carry, weighing less than ¾ lb. It effectively expands and improves the usage of your laptop and greatly enhances your business and sales presentation view-sharing. Here's why:

  • Ergonomic – 360° swivel for easy viewing, convenience and body positioning

  • Keeps laptop cooler – its bumpers allow for greater air circulation

  • Portable – easy to grab & go, easily tucks into laptop bag – only ⅝” thin

  • Built to last – durable, strong materials

  • Light-weight – less than ¾ lb.

  • Thin and compact – only 6½” x 6½” x ⅝”

  • Trendy, hot colors – red, white, blue and more



It's small, portable and cool to
™ your photos, files and downloads with friends!
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When you can do this!
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It easily sits under your laptop
At home, at the office and on the road!
Laptop Suzi™ is only
6½” x 6½” x ⅝”
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Hot colors to choose from
Red, white, blue and black

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